Vaginal Rejuvenation

This procedure is effective and safe in treating the troublesome vaginal and urinary conditions of menopause, may increase sexual function and also can improve the quality of life.

The CO2 fractional laser gently and painlessly acts on the vaginal walls through a special scanner. This action creates indistinguishable microlesions that stimulate the production of new collagen which reorganizes and reequilibrates the components of the inner vaginal lining.

If you are looking for vaginal rejuvenation treatment to get urinary or vaginal functions corrected, then rejuvenation treatment clinic should be visited. Among our various solutions, we offer feminine rejuvenation, vaginal rejuvenation surgery and many other treatments to restore the proper functioning of the vagina as well as its walls. We offer a variety of options for patients who experiences discomfort or want to rejuvenate collagen for a better lifestyle.

In laser vaginal rejuvenation, a tissue regeneration process lasting several weeks is triggered with each laser treatment. Significant improvements can be seen after 2 to 3 treatments, gradually vaginal mucosa becomes more nourished, hydrated and the epithelium becomes thicker, more toned and elastic. Sometimes, results are immediate, even after the first treatment and improvement continue over subsequent months. For best results, we recommend 2-3 treatments that are 4-6 weeks apart, followed by one treatment annually because, the regeneration process may fade over time, then it may be advisable to repeat the treatment. The correct vaginal pH also becomes re-established, which helps to maintain its natural protective barrier and reduces the risk of infection. With a couple of sessions, there will be enhanced vaginal tissues at the urethral opening, which may reduce problems with incontinence and may improve sexual function.


There are very minimal risks associated with this procedure. Most women report temporary side effects like slight redness or swelling. This discomfort usually disappears in a few days.