Pediatric Dermatology

A child's skin is soft and more delicate than adults. Hence, it needs more attention and care which only a doctor specializing in pediatric dermatology can provide.

Pediatric dermatology is all about dealing with major and minor skin disorders of newborns through adolescence. Even a simple rash, causing discomfort could be an allergic reaction. Dr. Satish Titoria is one of the most trusted doctors in Noida for pediatric dermatology. You can count on him to provide comprehensive treatment solutions to your little ones.

Tender and soft skin of a child needs proper care so you should visit a pediatric doctor rather than consulting any general physician. Experienced and highly qualified pediatric skin specialist in Noida understands the nature of illness the child is suffering from and hence, advises the perfect solution to parents.

Skin Problems in Children

1. Dermatitis 

1.1 Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) 

Atopic dermatitis makes the skin red and itchy. This is a chronic condition and often accompanied by fever and asthma. It can start in early infancy.

1.2 Contact Dermatitis

As the name suggests, it is caused by contact with any allergic substances like cosmetics, perfumes/deodorants, jewelry, plants, etc.


2. Birthmarks

2.1 Vascular Birthmarks

Sometimes the incorrect formation of blood vessels causes discoloration of the skin.

2.2 Pigmented Birthmarks

These form due to the clustering of pigment cells in a newborn baby.


3. Skin Infections

3.1 Molluscum Contagiosum (MC)

Viral skin infection characterized by small, reddish lesions with a dimple in between.

3.2 Viral Warts

Small non-cancerous fleshy bumps on the skin.

3.3 Impetigo

It causes red sores on the face and is contagious in nature. 

3.4 Tinea

Collective fungal diseases which cause ringworm, athlete's foot, jock itch, etc.


4. Inherited Skin Disorders

As the name suggests, certain skin disorders occur due to heredity like:

4.1 Ichthyosis Vulgaris

Dead skin cells form as thick, dry scales on the surface of the skin.

4.2 Atopic Eczema

With atopic eczema, you find red and itchy skin. The condition if not treated causes hay fever or asthma.

4.3 Psoriasis

Prominent patches with silver-whitish color that occur at the age mostly below 10, especially on the scalp.

4.4 Acneiform Eruptions

These are similar to acne and usually begin at puberty. These may be papulopustular, nodular, or cystic.


5. Skin Cancer In Children

5.1 Though rare in Indian skin types, malignant melanoma is a type of skin cancer that can occur in children and teenagers.


6. Drug Eruptions 

6.1 Drug

A few drugs may have cutaneous reactions that are mild. The condition disappears when you stop consuming that drug. Rarest drugs have complex skin reactions.


7. Viral Exanthems

Exanthem is a rash or skin eruption. Following are its causes:

7.1 Exanthems due to measles

It starts with papules on the face.

7.2 Rubella

Reddish P. acnes and papules appear on the face, neck and may spread on the entire body within hours.

7.3 Erythema infectiosum 

You find bright red facial rashes with this infection. Also, eruptions occur in extreme cases.

7.4 Roseola Infantum

P. acnes and papules are surrounded by white halos. It begins from the neck and spreads in extreme cases.


8. Collagen Vascular Disorders 

8.1 Collagen Vascular

These include various inheritable and autoimmune connective tissue disorders that result in inflammation of the skin and can affect various organs of the body.

Dr. Titoria's Skin Clinic offers highly-advanced, individualized treatment plans which include counseling the parents and guiding them to take safety measures even at home. 

Do not take your child's skin problems casually. Get in touch with us today for more details about pediatric dermatology.