Hair Transplant

The high-in-demand hair transplant procedure has made impressive strides in the past few years as it is known for offering everlasting results. With Dr. Satish Titoria, the hair expert doctor in Noida, you can find the most suitable solution to treat hair loss. 

Common Types of Hair Loss

1. Androgenetic Hair Loss or Patterned Hair Loss

This is caused due to genetic and hormonal factors. The baldness patterns in male & female candidates are different. In men, hair loss usually begins at the temples of the head eventually creating a U-shaped hairline while in women, the excessive shedding of hair leads to overall thinning.

2. Scarring Alopecia or Cicatricial Alopecia

As the name suggests in this condition a person experiences permanent hair loss along with scarring. This can be unpredictable as in some cases the hair loss is gradual while in others there is rapid hair loss along with an itchy scalp. This can affect anyone irrespective of their age or gender.

Types of Hair Transplant

1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) 

Also known as the strip method, this hair restoration procedure is a traditional hair restoration technique. In FUT, very linear strips are taken from the back of the scalp, where the hair is dense. Then these strips are gently placed in circular incision on the bald scalp area. All you find is natural hair growth in just a few days.


2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

This is a newer and relatively painless hair restoration technique as no strip extraction is involved here. In FUE, individual hair follicles are harvested from the area with dense hair. These hair follicles are gently inserted into the bald scalp area, using the punching technique. With this technique, a large area can be covered and therefore, is suitable in case of excessive baldness.

Body Hair Transplant

In cases where the person does not have a good donor area on the scalp, hair transplant surgeons consider body hair on other parts such as chest for transplantation. The results are equally remarkable as when the scalp hair is used for transplantation. However, it is recommended to only choose an experienced hair transplant expert for the same to avoid any complications.


Why choose Hair Transplant procedure?

A lot of people believe that hair grown via hair transplant needs extra care. This is just a myth. The new hair is very much similar to your natural hair. Well, once done with the procedure, you can carry on with your normal hair care routine. Neither you have to visit the doctor again and again nor you require using expensive hair products. With hair transplants, the bald area is filled with dense hair and so you can get a younger and appealing personality. 

Look no further, visit the highly skilled and experienced Dr. Satish Titoria and restore your hair!