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Skind and Covid
BY : Dr. Satish Titoria
Covid 19 has shocked and affected the entire planet. It has brought the life to a stand still. It has become the only topic of discussion and the only major concern in the present times. Read more
Chronic Paronychia
BY : Dr. Satish Titoria
In order to understand Chronic Paronychia, it is essential to know its source,i.e, paronychia. To start with, paronychia is a skin infection around fingernails and toenails. Read more
Alopecia Areata
BY : Dr. Satish Titoria
A condition which shows the signs of unpredictable hair loss in patches is known as alopecia areata. Being the autoimmune disorder, hair follicles are likely to be affected resulting in drastic hair loss. Read more
BY : Dr. Satish Titoria
Tineacorporis is also known as the ringworm and it is a rash caused by a fungus. It is an itchy, red, and circular rash with clear skin in the middle. This skin problem gets its name because of its round appearance. There is nothing like a worm in it. Read more
BY : Dr. Satish Titoria
This is an acquired and progressive condition whose cause is not yet known. Multiple theories are there as to why vitiligo happens. Read more

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