Laser Hair Removal: Why Winter Season is Perfect?

Laser Hair Removal: Why Winter Season is Perfect?
Laser Hair Removal
BY : Dr. Satish Titoria

Shaving and waxing are in turn temporary methods to flaunt smooth as well as smooth skin.  You might have also considered tweezing or epilators along with other painful hair removal process. But, what is the permanent way to stay at ease and bid adieu to unwanted hair?

When the discussion of laser hair removal crops up, it signifies that probably you want to get rid of unwanted hair. Be it face, chin, arms, legs or anywhere else on the body, unwanted hair has to be removed professionally to avoid discomfort. Most of all, the favourable season has to be also considered to get the best results. In such a situation, winter has proved to be the perfect season for laser hair removal.

Let’s take a look at factors which make this season as ideal for laser hair removal:

  • Sun exposure is limited in winter
  • Preparation for laser hair removal is easier in winter
  • Less time to complete hair removal process

Why is laser hair removal effective in winter?

#1 Sun exposure is limited in winter

During the winter season, you hardly step out in the sun to get skin tanned. The tanned or sun burnt skin is not suitable for laser hair removal. This is because the chances of inaccurate laser settings increase when skin colour is dark than normal. In fact, the skin can get damaged too in such a scenario.

Therefore, consistent skin protection during the winter can be a great idea to consider while planning to avail laser hair removal treatment. In the entire phase of treatment, it is important to keep the sun exposure for the skin low. For this reason, winter season becomes suitable for most od the people to schedule laser hair removal sessions.

#2 Preparation for laser hair removal is easier in winter

In order to undergo laser hair removal treatment successfully, the skin should be shaved. On the contrary, in the summer, you might not be able to avoid wax or other hair removal methods which pluck out hair from the root completely. This is the basic reason why winter season acts as the best time to keep stubbly areas covered and preparing for the laser hair removal session becomes easier as well as better.

#3 Less time to complete hair removal process

If the laser hair removal process has started in the winter, then, it continues for few months. It further implicates that by the time warm days of summer arrive, you will be ready with gorgeous and smooth skin free of unwanted hair.

Generally, it takes up to 3-6 sessions to accomplish the treatment and get rid of hairy skin. The multiple hair removal sessions are conducted in order to offer permanent results to the patients.

Hair removal mechanism explained…

In the procedure of laser hair removal, hair follicles are targeted to be destroyed without affecting the skin. As a part of the treatment, doctor utilizes the hand-held device and adjusts laser’s wavelength accordingly. In addition, with the controlled pulses of energy, laser passes through the skin and destroys hair follicles from the dermal layer of the skin.  This treatment is aimed at preventing the future hair growth.

Post laser hair removal information

Some people have preconceived notions about the side-effects of laser hair removal. But, the fact is impact of this treatment is minimal with bit sun-burnt like sensation and minor swelling. Apart from this, several laser hair removal sessions have to be availed to get maximum benefits from the overall treatment. The evaluation of hair colour and skin type is also conducted by the doctor to offer custom laser hair removal plan.

Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that mild irritation can be experienced by you while undergoing treatment. The whole idea of beginning the laser hair removal process is to actively remove hair follicles from the root and get maximum results. If you are planning to get the unwanted hair ripped off permanently through professionals, then, contact Dr. Titoria’s to discuss the laser hair removal treatment according to your skin type and hair colour. To book your appointment with our dermatologists, call us at +91-9773520030.

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