Skin and covid

Skin and covid
Skind and Covid
BY : Dr. Satish Titoria

Covid 19 has shocked and affected the entire planet. It has brought the life to a stand still. It has become the only topic of discussion and the only major concern in the present times. 

The lesser known facts about covid 19 infections are the cutaneous or skin manifestations of it. Covid 19 can sometimes present with skin rash in the form of small skin coloured or red bumps or spots over the body along with the other symptoms or as the only symptom or as the first symptom. Hence it is important for the people who have come in contact with covid 19 patients to be vigilant about skin changes with or without itching and get tested immediately. Not only this but there are also multiple reports of urticarial reactions in covid patients. Rarely oral mucosal changes and ulcers and erosions also have been reported.

Covid 19 pandemic also forces people to wash hands regularly and sanitize them. Sanitizer as we all know by now is mostly alcohol. And alcohol strips the skin of its moisture. Regular hand wash does the same. Hence there is an increase in the cases of hand eczemas and infections. To avoid this it is preferable to use gel based hand sanitizers, gentle soaps that are glycerin based or with moisturizing effect and to apply a thick moisturizer after every hand wash. Incorporating this in the life style is very important as we do not know when this pandemic is likely to end.

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